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What is GOMS?

The Wines & Vines Online Marketing System (GOMS) is the industry standard marketing application. Powered by the wine and grape industry's leading database, the web-based tool is designed for professionals to:

  • Improve marketing effectiveness & efficiency
  • Manage customers and sales territories
  • Identify and contact new customers
Discover the flexibility and power of the Wines & Vines Grower Online Marketing systsm (GOMS). Search our industry-leading grower database using multiple selection criteria to get highly targeted results. Your search results easily output into advanced report types, mailing labels and download data exports.

Key Features:

  • Create and save searches
  • Update saved searches with new criteria
  • Group multiple searches for single output
  • Search results output types:
    • Index reports
    • Delimited export
    • Mailing labels
  • Management summaries by state
  • Grower deliverability corrections update

Search Types:

  • General Search
  • Geographic Search
    • State/Regions
    • Counties
    • Zip Code/Zip Range
  • Vineyard Acreage
  • Sell Grapes (yes/no)
  • Search and Select contacts by Function

Multi-Line Index Reports Include:

  • Contact Name & Title
  • Phone Number, Website & Email
  • Function(s)
  • Vineyard Location & Mailing Address
  • Appellation
  • Varietals Grown
  • Vineyard Acreage
  • Sell Grapes (yes/no)


Grower Online Marketing System (GOMS)-Advanced includes all above, plus:

Grower Corporate Linkage:

  • Create and export data based on common corporate ownership
  • Determine the best point of entry for your company's sales and marketing strategy
Continuous Monthly Updates:
  • See new growers as they are added to database
  • Access key personnel changes and new contact information
  • Stay updated on vineyard & acreage changes
Actual Acreage Values:
  • Search by specific acreage values
  • Reports generate exact acreage values
Expanded Search & Reporting:
  • Corporate Owner
  • Sell Grapes (yes/no)
  • Grapes Sold To
  • Vineyard Appellation
  • New Growers to OMS

    Sample data only *     
* Sample data only: varies from actual OMS data based on access level, search criteria and date updated.