Fresno State hires new faculty and staff

Fresno, Calif.—California State University, Fresno announced two new faculty members and an alumnus have joined its viticulture and enology team. Dr. Miguel Pedroza and Dr. Qun (Kristy) Sun are new assistant professors of Enology, while Fresno State alumnus Tom Montgomery was hired as winemaker for the Fresno State Winery.  

Pedroza holds a Ph.D. in enology from the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain and specializes in grape and wine analysis and in strategies for converting pomace into an enological additive. Sun received her Ph.D. in wine chemistry from Cornell University and researches grape and wine aroma and flavor compound identification, impacts of viticultural practices on grape and wine equality, developing new analytical techniques for measurement of grape and wine components and determining relationship between sensory attributes and wine composition.

Montgomery received his B.S. degree in enology from Fresno State, and has produced award-winning wines in various grape growing regions of California, including Napa and Sonoma valleys. All three joined the viticulture and enology team this fall.

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