Tremeaux opens new studio for barrel production

Beaune, France—Tonnellerie Tremeaux, a cooperage in Beaune, France, announced it is building a new custom atelier, or studio, designed for both barrel production and onsite wine tastings. Once complete, the company will move all production from the existing facility to the new one.

Founded in 2010 by Burgundy native Ludovic Tremeaux, the tonnellerie has since become known for its French oak seasoned barrels and unique, one-meter high chimney stacking method. While Tremeaux says the stacking method requires more space in the stave yard, it provides optimal air flow, and the wood is more exposed to the elements. 

“Our goal is for Tremeaux barrels to respect and highlight the fruit, always honoring the work and vision of the vigneron,” Tremeaux said in the press release announcing the new cooperage. “We intentionally limit our production to best oversee oak maturation and ensure every barrel receives the same, careful attention while it is crafted and toasted in our workshop.”

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