Wine.com announces investment, launches new website

San Francisco, Calif.—Online wine retailer Wine.com, launched a new website and mobile app and announced it had raised $15 million for existing investors to capitalize on the company's recent growth. The new website features "streamlined design and filtering capabilities, more granular geographic regions and varietals, enhanced wine and winery content."

The mobile app includes a label scanner, wine database, and live chat wine experts. The company, which now reports more than $100-million in annual revenue, announced it grew 25% in the quarter ending June 30, doubling its five-year average annual growth rate.

“Wine.com’s rapid growth is a clear indication that the company is aligned with emerging trends in the beverage alcohol space," Danny Brager, senior vice president, Beverage Alcohol Practice at Nielsen commented in a news release by Wine.com. "As the wine market continues to shift online, Wine.com is tapping into key growth areas such as e-commerce and mobile, alongside the rising influence of millennials — critical components for today's $33.6 billion U.S. wine market." 

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